galactic_dev (galactic_dev) wrote in bumper_stickers,

I just created a line of original bumper stickers!

Hey everyone! I finally created my own line of bumper stickers, 16 designs in all, and you can now view them (and purchase them) here:

Caveat 1: One sticker has a "swear word" on it, and a couple others express opinions that are potentially offensive.

Caveat 2: The last bumper sticker on the page ("devil inside") is not by me.

Caveat 3: I actually don't take the messages on these bumper stickers very seriously, so if you ask me about them, I might explain some weird logic on my part that led me to write that, or I might just giggle. is a very cool business model. You can design your own bumper stickers on their website and put them up for sale there; your only cost is purchasing a copy of the sticker you make.
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